Winnipeg Administrative Law Lawyers

We represent several professional regulatory bodies and provide proactive and practical legal advice in all aspects of administrative law, including governance, regulatory compliance, risk management, strategic planning, substantive law, and procedural fairness issues.

Administrative law encompasses the work of agencies, boards and commissions that make decisions affecting public and private interests, as well as the power of provincial and federal courts to review these decisions.

Governance Law

As the regulatory landscape continues to shift, Marr Finlayson Pollock LLP can advise on issues relating to corporate governance. We have experience in corporate governance matters, including corporate law, securities regulation, directors' and officers' liability and insurance, and corporate litigation issues.

Regulatory Compliance

We have a deep understanding of the requirements of corporate governance regulation, legislation and best practices and can advise on the development of compliance programs. Marr Finlayson Pollock LLP also assists public companies to comply with applicable regulatory reporting and disclosure requirements and restrictions. Our lawyers regularly serve as special counsel to boards of directors and committees. We can also assist with internal investigations to ensure compliance with applicable laws, and in response to government investigations and proceedings.

Risk Management

Risk management involves identifying, analyzing, and reducing or eliminating exposure to loss faced by an organization or individual. Every business encounters risks, some of which are predictable; others are more unexpected. Although risk management is more common in larger corporations, it is also valuable for small and medium-sized businesses, since some common types of losses can overwhelm a smaller business with limited resources. 

Strategic Planning

At Marr Finlayson Pollock LLP, we can offer our clients and their businesses an experienced legal perspective as part of their strategic planning process.

Substantive Law

Substantive Law concerns rights and obligations - as opposed to procedural law which covers how to enforce and defend such rights and obligations. 

Experience You Can Trust

At Marr Finlayson Pollock LLP, our Partners have more than a century of combined civil litigation expertise — experience that helps us deliver the very best legal solutions for our clients.
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