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We work collaboratively with clients to understand their needs and to guide and represent them through the litigation and/or administrative process. We also provide clients with clear and pragmatic litigation advice from a business perspective to help them resolve disputes outside of the litigation process.

Appearing at every level of court and administrative tribunal in Manitoba and Canada, we have extensive expertise in all types of litigation, including contractual disputes, construction, insurance, personal injury and negligence claims, products liability, and professional negligence and discipline matters.

Contractual Disputes

Contracts are a commonplace in both personal and business relationships. A contract is ideally in writing, and signed by each party to express agreement in clear terms each of the parties' rights and obligations.  A well crafted contract will likely also include provisions that provide remedies and dispute resolution procedures in the event that a conflict should arise.  Well drafted contracts ensure all parties entering into the agreement are ultimately satisfied.

However, there are times when even the best written contract cannot predict all possible outcomes and actions.  If one party later does not fulfill its obligations as laid out in the agreement, litigation may be required.  In addition, many agreements are poorly crafted or not in writing, such as oral contracts.  In those cases, ambiguous language or conflicts in what the parties understand as the terms of an agreement create misunderstandings, disagreements and potentially litigation where the Court is asked to determine the terms of the contract, and whether one or more of the parties breached the terms. The Court will also determine what remedies are available to the non defaulting party.

Construction Litigation

At Marr Finlayson Pollock LLP, we have in-depth experience with all aspects of Construction Law and Litigation. Read more about Construction Law.

Insurance Litigation

We provide our clients with effective, practical and economical advice and services, including vigorous defence of claims against insurers and insureds, subrogated claims and coverage litigation. Read more about Insurance Law at Marr Finlayson Pollock LLP.

Personal Injury & Negligence Claims

Negligence is easily understood in its simplest terms — it means carelessness, thoughtlessness or the failure to anticipate the consequences of an action. In the legal world, negligence can be more complicated. Reviewing every facet of an accident or incident, the resulting damages, and the relationships between parties can be very complex. A thorough process and attention to detail is critical in negligence litigation.

If you or a family member was injured through the negligence of someone else, contact us for consultation to review your case and your legal options.

Product Liability Claims

Typical causes of product liability claims are negligent design, negligent manufacturing and failure to warn users of potential harms. The standard of liability at common law is negligence. This means the plaintiff in the claim must establish the defendant owed them a duty of care, that the defendant breached the required standard of care and that the plaintiff suffered damages that are caused by that breach.

Professional Negligence & Discipline Cases

Professional misconduct allegations can be catastrophic to a professional's career and reputation. Individuals facing such allegations of misconduct or negligence could be ordered to pay monetary fines or face suspension. In the worst result, their professional license could be revoked, ending their career.

At Marr Finlayson Pollock LLP, our experienced team can assist, advise, and provide representation in all levels of hearing and cases. Professional misconduct cases may also involve civil litigation, in which we have many years of experience. Contact us to help you effectively resolve professional discipline matters, allowing you to focus on your career.

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At Marr Finlayson Pollock LLP, our Partners have more than a century of combined civil litigation expertise — experience that helps us deliver the very best legal solutions for our clients.
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