Winnipeg Construction Litigation Lawyers

We provide effective, practical and economical advice to our clients on a variety of construction-related issues and projects, both large and small. We represent key stakeholders from all sectors of the construction industry, including owners, developers, design professionals such as architects and engineers, contractors, sub-contractors and material suppliers. We provide clients with strategic litigation advice from a business perspective and help clients to mitigate risk and to resolve disputes outside of the litigation process.

Construction Planning

Construction can range from straightforward to infinitely complex. Construction projects often consist of many smaller projects that all need to work together to meet the bigger project plan. Each smaller part must be successfully completed on time and on budget in order for the larger project to succeed. This means that every small detail of construction project planning is essential to the project's success. Expertly detailed planning is required, and clearly communicated in a construction contract.

A properly planned construction project will aim to be cost-efficient, labor-efficient, and safe for all parties involved. Potential risks must be assessed ahead of time and accounting for expected and unexpected costs is key to your peace of mind. A professionally planned and executed proposal will include fail-safes to mitigate unforeseen project complications, such as unexpected environmental or financial issues.

Construction Dispute Resolution

Because of the complex nature of construction projects, unfortunately disputes occur frequently, often involving many parties. These can include:

  • Acceleration Claims
  • Change Claims
  • Construction Delay Claims
  • Differing Site Conditions Claims
  • Design/Construction Defect Claims
  • Force Majeure Claims
  • Labor Productivity Claims, and;
  • Suspension and Termination Claims

Experience You Can Trust

At Marr Finlayson Pollock LLP, our Partners have more than a century of combined civil litigation expertise — experience that helps us deliver the very best legal solutions for our clients.
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